Counselling is a process that enables a person to sort out issues and reach decisions affecting their life. Often, counselling is sought out at times of change or crisis. It need not be so, however, as counselling can also help us at any time of our life.

It is a journey of discovery. It can be a fascinating, life long journey to find our meaning and purpose. Counselling can be a focus point for this growth, enabling growth to take place outside of the session for a long period of time.

Let’s work together for your health. You already have amazing resources that you may know about, or that we can discover. Yes, I have knowledge and qualifications, but you have many strengths that may lie dormant. So let’s use a gentle, common sense approach to relate to you, not as a problem needing fixing, but as a person who would like to experience life in a happier, healthier and more meaningful way.

I said in ‘Services Available’ that I don’t like to use labels. This is because you are not a label; you are an individual experiencing life, and deserve to be treated with respect and honesty, not just as a label. Let’s discover what the meanings that lay under these labels may be, so that, not only is the label ‘removed’ but you are more able to handle situations in life. More resilience.

This is about you! To help you find the answers that lie within. So let’s take some time to let you be heard and understood.

Your trust and confidentiality are fully respected within the bounds of law. ie unless there is risk of harm to yourself or others.

I also value your feedback (via ‘Feedback on menu to the left). This helps me improve my service.

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