Energetic Healing

Another gentle way of allowing our own body to heal itself.
Psychophysical therapy works on the bio-energetic field of the body. Treatment covers four general areas:
Removing blocks due to accident or surgical shock, restoring vitality and promoting healing of the body and mind;
Building up and opening channels which have been blocked since early childhood so that these channels can contain a full charge of energy;
Release of emotional blockages caused by past traumatic events without having to relive them;
Maintenance of good health by cleaning and balancing the bio-energy of the person so that maximum well being is encouraged.
Psychophysical therapy can produce a feeling of lightness, and well being which follows from the balancing of energies of the whole system

Please dress comfortably and preferably in natural fibres eg cotton

You will be asked to remove ‘encircling’ jewelry for the period of the energy balance. Stud type jewelry is OK to leave in place.

This can be used for a ‘hands free’ massage if you do not like ‘touch’.

Can also be combined with meditation / hypnosis to provide a very deep level of peace and relaxation.

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